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"He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" (MOTU) TV cartoon first aired in 1983.

Every time Prince Adam holds aloft his magic sword, he is endowed with super human strength and becomes, He-Man, The Most Powerful Man in the Universe. Adam received the sword from the Sorceress. The Sorceress is a magical being who lives in Castle Grey Skull, the storehouse for the most powerful Magic on Eternia (the planet Prince Adam lives on). He-Man is tasked with the mission to protect Eternia from all evil. His nemesis is Skeletor, an evil magician who seeks to use the magic in Grey Skull to conquer Eternia.

The greatest cartoon ever made. But I guess since I grew up with it, I might be a little biased. In my opinion, "He-Man" was made right before cartoons became smartass. The cartoon show was originally made to sell a toy line, but it became more than that. In that period of the ’80s, sales of the Mattel He-Man toy line were larger than Barbie. It was the perfect show. Kids wanted to be He-Man and (although criticized for being violent) parents were pleased with his morals. If there was a giant snake monster attacking civilians, He-Man would stop it. And if the snake was in trouble, He-Man would help the snake. Unlike characters in cartoons made now, his moral values didn’t change. I think people who attack "He-Man" for being a commercial should think for a moment. Why would anyone want to spend money on something that doesn’t make money? "He-Man" was the best of both worlds. He sold toys; but at the same time taught some worthwhile lessons. For those who are still not convinced, watch a later kids’ cartoon. You’ll at least have to admit it got worse. What were the redeeming aspects of "Yugi-Oh"; be nice to your friends, crush your opponents, and trust in cardboard?

 He-Man 01

 He-Man 02

 He-Man 03

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