Venus Wars

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"Venus Wars" is a 104 minute movie from 1989; created, directed, and with character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (Original Creator of “Arion” and “Giant Gorg”; Character Designer on “Zambot-3”, and “Gundam Zeta” ; and director of “Crusher Joe” ).

Sometime in the future, a huge asteroid will smash into Venus. This collision results in huge environmental changes to the planet, which will create a new habitable planet for mankind. Though the planet is a desolate wasteland; the two newly created nations on Venus, Ishtar and Afrodia, promote their planet as the new frontier; a place to buy land and grow crops. All the large agricultural plans on Venus fail, and the settlers who came to the planet are left to eke out an existence in barren deserts, while the two nations declare war on each other over territorial disputes.

Earth reporter, Susan Summers (hee, hee), comes to Io, the Afrodian Capital, to cover the War. On the day she arrives, the Ishtarians capture the city. In the chaos of Ishtar’s take over, Summers meets a Venus “Roller-biker”, Will. Roller-biking is the new violent sport on Venus, which keeps the masses amused and in check; where young biker punks beat-up and kill each other for entertainment. Will belongs to the “Killer Commando” team, and their hotshot ace biker is our hero, Hiro.

After the takeover of their city, Hiro’s girlfriend, Maggie, tries to comfort him with, “The important things haven’t changed… there’s still the same painted blue sky and artificial trees; white birds on a brilliant rainbow; purified water on man made flowers; the orange sun filtered through acid free air, warming our beautiful world!” But war has destroyed their pathetic existence; even their own government and police force are working with Ishtar to subjugate the people of Io. But Hiro and the Killer Commandos (“We ain’t Afrodian troops that run away. We’re the Killer Comandos.” “Get in real close and -- wham, right in the balls!”) aren’t going to take it. They’re going to blow-up the tanks guarding their Roller-biker track, as a “screw you” to the government that let them down, and to the invading army.

While ineffectively combating the tanks, the surviving members of the team are picked up by a rebel army, funded by a few politicians that see this as an opportunity to seize power for themselves. The Killer Commandos are held against their will, in hopes that they’ll join the army and pilot their modified Monobikes (Rollerbikes). Will joins the Monobike army and is killed in combat. To save the other members of his team, Hiro volunteers to fight, under the condition that his friends will be freed.

Story was convoluted but involving, and the political situation is left realistically tenuous at the end. This Anime is spectacular looking, with fluidly animated action. And the detail in the mecha and backgrounds is amazing!

 Venus Wars 01

 Venus Wars 02

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