Vampire Hunter D

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"Vampire Hunter D" is an 85 minute OVA from 1985, and a cult classic.

In the future, vampires and their armies of monsters will subjugate man. To defend mankind from these monstrosities, groups of hunters will emerge, Werewolf Hunters, Vampire Hunters, etc. In a small, rural, B-grade Western Movie town, sheepherder Doris Lang is bitten by the area’s head vampire, Count Magnus Lee.

To save herself and the village from Magnus Lee’s control, she searches for a real man, a Hunter. Unfortunately, she finds that she lives in a village of little kids, wusses, and old farts. But then one day a stranger walks into town. Shane? No, not that Western sissy. D! To gage how badass he is on the scale of badassness, she challenges him to a fight. D is soooo manly badass that he doesn’t even have to move to win a fight. Awestruck by his sheer, damn manlyness, she offers herself to him. D, being a super noble manly man, turns her down on the sex, but decides to help her, because it’s his angsty, half-breed vampire/human fate to protect mankind and wipe out all vampires.

Magnus Lee hasn’t had a woman in over 100 years, and boasts about finally finding some decent shepherdess neck. His daughter, Lamika, can’t believe her father has such bad taste in women, and decides that, to save the family's good name, she must kill Doris before dear-old-dad decides to take a low-class, peasant, trophy wife. After Doris is attacked, kidnapped, rescued, and then kidnapped again, Magnus has a father-daughter talk with his child to explain: "It’s good to be the King." Lamika doesn't buy her father's explanation, so he knocks her out.

While Lee and a hypnotized Doris are exchanging vows, D interrupts the ceremony by throwing a knife into Lee’s head, and challenges him to a fight. Good and bad battle it out, mano-a-mano, to decide Doris’ fate. During the fight, we learn that D is from the oldest and “most noble” vampire lineage (guess who? It starts with a “D”), hence Magnus Lee is no match for him.

Ancestor worshipping vampire families, sex crazed old men, a hyper-macho hero, attractive, nubile women, and disgusting, ultra-violent, gory monster fights; this Anime… ROCKS!

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