Twilight of the Dark Master

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“Twilight of the Dark Master” is a one shot, 50-minute OVA from 1997; with Art Direction by Yooichi Nangoo (“Ai no Kusabi”, “Bubblegum Crisis OVA 7- Double Vision”, “The Hakkenden”, “Vampire Princess Miyu OVA 3&4- Fragile Armor and Frozen Time”) and Character Designs by Hisashi Abe (“Pet Shop of Horrors”, “Peacock King”, “Wolverine”)

In ancient times, before recorded history, Mother Earth gave birth to Humans, Ogres, and Guardians. Born to hate and bred to fight, the Ogres and Guardians fought to decide the fate of mankind. Were Humans to be ruled by demonic Ogres, or saved by their Guardian protectors?

In the twilight of the 21st century, this battle has entered its final act. The battleground is set: Tokyo, 2089 A.D., a wealthy, debauched hell, where the depraved rich satisfy their sadomasochistic desires abusing themselves in expensive sex-clubs; gutter-trash psychopaths attack everyday pedestrians; and “true love” is sacrificed for material gain. The perfect setting for the resurrection of the last Ogre, the gender-combined, Vürgen Pharmaceutical President, Takamiya.

With the help of his/her incestuous Chinese sibling underlings, Chen and Huang Long, and greedy, sleazy, sex club owner Kudo, Takamiya has created a new virus based drug that mutates human flesh into Ogre. By taking the affected human blood, Takamiya will be able to create a new, more powerful demon body for him/herself. This drug is given to pharmaceutical researcher, Eiji Kuraza. On the night of his wedding proposal, Eiji transforms into a hideous demon, and dismembers his fiancée, Shizuka Tachibana. While Eiji is captured by Kudo, and fed nubile prostitutes and bio-capsule drugs to become an acceptable sacrifice for Takamiya; battered Shizuka contracts with the world’s last Guardian, the genderless, Shijyo Tsunami.

“I must kill … the demon.”
“Rest assured that’s my job.”

Badass Madhouse noir anime. “Twilight of the Dark Master” is one of those dark, slick, misanthropic, massively ultra-detailed works. Violence, sex, and gore -- with a lot of style, gloss, and lurid coloring. The cool 1980s-90s stuff that they don’t make anymore.

 Twilight of the Dark Master 01

 Twilight of the Dark Master 02

 Twilight of the Dark Master 03

Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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