They Were 11

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"They Were 11" is a one shot 90 minute OAV which was released in 1986.

In the future, admission tests will reach a new low. Multiple answer questions and short essays will not be good enough. Instead, promising students will be stuck on abandoned spaceships filled with live explosives, for 50 days. If they survive, they’ll be guaranteed admission into the COSMO academy, which guarantees future employment in high-level jobs. According to the test rules, there are only supposed to be 10 students per test group. But Tada’s group has 11. In order to survive, the group of 11 potential students must learn to trust one another. But as problems occur, mistrust builds. Is the 11th member a clerical mistake, part of the test, or something worse?

The main plot focuses on how the different characters in the cartoon learn to become friends with each other, even though, underlying their friendship, they believe at any moment one of them will betray the rest. I don’t know why this is considered Shoujo/Girl anime. I thought that designation was used to describe girls coming of age anime, like "Sailor Moon", "Fushigi Yuugi", and "Escaflowne". Anyway, I consider "They Were 11" to be one of the best anime available. Unlike most of the cartoons from this era that I watched, which had large monsters disemboweling people, "They Were 11" is suitable for everyone. As long as you don’t mind some strong language and the term Hermaphrodite. The term isn’t used as an excuse to have strange sex or used regarding sexual innuendo. It’s used to bring up and describe a stereotypical role of women in society, which ties into two of the character’s back-stories (maybe that’s why it’s considered Shoujo).

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