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“Tekkaman Blade II” is a 1994, 6-volume OVA sequel to the “Tekkaman Blade” TV show. It was Directed by Hideki Tonokatsu (Unit Director “Robot Carnival”, Director “Requiem From the Darkness”, Storyboards and Co-Director “Hellsing Ultimate”); with Character Designs by Hirotoshi Sano (Mecha Animation Director “Venus Wars” and “Escaflowne”, Character Designer “Bounty Dog” and “Nazca”).

Ten years after mankind’s first war with the Radam, the mutant alien scum are back! With the hybrid Sol-Tekkaman battle suits unable to fend off the advancing alien fleet, humanity needs its own Tekkamen. D-Boy lives! Along with veterans Aki and Honda, this hero who fended off the first wave of alien invaders rebuilds Man’s only hope for survival, the Space Knights.

Three young cadets are chosen to fight against the enemy invaders and become Earth’s newest Tekkamen saviors; Yumi François (Tekkaman Hiver - French for Winter), an innocent, ditsy mechanic; Natasha Pavlochiva (Tekkaman Vesna /BecHa - Russian for Spring), a bitchin’, badass babe; and David Krueger (Tekkaman Summer), a blonde, playboy, muscleman. Together with D-Boy and Aki they force Radam’s newest attack wave back into the vastness of space.

As their alien enemies regroup for a second attack, the new team must face the consequences of the sins of the older generation. After the initial defeat of the Radam, innocent people were forced to undergo the first phase of Tekka transformation, and become “Primary Bodies”. These augmented humans were feared, shunned, and rejected by the rest of humanity. Many banded together and formed a resistance group advocating the superiority of Tekkamen, located in Prague, in the Czech Republic. When the Primary Bodies’ decided to wage war against mankind, the old Space Knights aided the Military in the conflict against the group; which finally came to an end with “Black September”, when, unknown to the Space Knights, the top military generals decided to drop a “Reactor Bomb” on the battlefield, wiping the area clean. However, from the ashes of this devastation, came the birth of the Space Knight’s newest adversary, gender confused, metro-sexual, vengeance seeking “Dead End”, Tekkaman Dead.

“My family, my friends … all lost in that flash.
So, I hate them all; the army, and … The Space Knights!”

“Tekkaman Blade II” presented an interesting situation where two opposing sides make terrible choices; with both having understandable justification for their actions. Unfortunately, I hate what the show did to D-Boy’s character. He was changed entirely into some secluded, voyeuristic weirdo, hiding in a secret room and watching everybody through hidden cameras. Also, the love triangle of 16-year-old ditzy-girl, Yumi, D-Boy, and Aki, was really creepy. Still, the show had great character designs, and awesome mecha!

 Tekkaman Blade 2 01

 Tekkaman Blade 2 02

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