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"Spriggan" was released in the US in the year 2000. The manga is available in the US under a different name, "Striker".

When planet Earth was first formed, a group of aliens with technology far beyond anything known by man landed on the planet. Over the course of millions of years, this group of aliens created every form of life on the Earth, including mankind.

The aliens are now long dead, but their technology remains. Through an archeological dig, Japan discovered the aliens’ spacecraft. The Japanese government decided the advanced technology was too dangerous, so it setup a secret organization known as Arkham (ARCAM) to keep the alien spacecraft under wraps.

Now, whenever any foreign power gets close to discovering the secrets behind the origins of mankind, they’re eliminated by Arkham’s assassins, known as the Spriggan. Despite Arkham’s best attempts, the US finds out about the alien creators, and sets up its own secret organization, the Machine Corps. The Machine Corps’ main purpose is to recover the spacecraft; but the leader of the Machine Corps, Col. Mac Dougal, has other ideas. Mac Dougal plans to use the space ship to destroy the world. Earth’s only hope is Arkham’s number one Spriggan, 17 year old Ominae Yu.

What kind of stupid name is Spriggan? It sounds like a character from "My Little Pony", or maybe "Pokemon". What the heck is Arkham, the nicest group of super powered killers you’d ever want to meet? Unlike the Machine Corps; that’s made up of evil, power mad killers, who glare a lot. There’s a lot of ludicrous anti-American garbage in this, but there are also a lot of really good action scenes. The sound is professionally recorded, one of the few anime where the Dub is superior to the Sub, and the art is wonderful, especially the backgrounds. This cartoon is really horrible, but it looks and sounds great.

 Spriggan 1

 Spriggan 2

 Spriggan 3

 Spriggan 4
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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