Silent Mobius

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"Silent Möbius" consists of an OVA from 1991, another OVA from 1993, and a TV series from 1998, all of which are based on a Comic Book (Manga). All the cels and drawings I have are from the 1991 OVA, also known as "Silent Möbius: The Motion Picture".

In 2024, mankind must fight against monsters from Hell. To combat these demons, a special Police Department of witches is formed: the A.M.P. (Abnormal Mystery Police Department or Attack Mystification Police Department, depending on what release you’re viewing). Katsumi Liqueur, a 19-year-old Japanese student studying in Hawaii, travels back to Tokyo to see her dying mother. While there, she’s attacked by the demon, Lucifer-Hawk; her mother sacrifices herself to protect Katsumi; and she is unwillingly inducted into the A.M.P. to fight against horrific demon monstrosities.

Huge, disgusting, slime covered, glistening monsters with tons of teeth; drooling on pretty, badass women armed with futuristic guns, medieval swords, and combined Shinto-Buddhist-Christianesc magic; the first OVA/Movie looks great. There’s an awesome scene of a bullet loaded into the chamber of a gun and then fired, viewed from the inside of the gun. The TV series look, as well as its pacing, is a bit of a let down.

 Möbius 01

 Möbius 02

 Möbius 03

 Möbius 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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