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"Robot Carnival" is a collection of shorts, first released in 1987. The anthology consists of seven individual shorts and one opening and ending animation. None of the shorts had anything to do with any of the other shorts. Its tagline, “Nine animators, one vision”, makes no sense. It should be “Nine animators, eight visions.”

Atsuko Fukushima and Katsuhiro Otomo did the opening and ending animation. It shows a glimpse of our future, a barren wasteland filled with people living a primitive nomadic existence. In this deserted environment the Robot Carnival travels from small village to small village. The “Carnival” was once, seemingly, a weapon disguised as a family friendly fair, used to catch enemies off guard; but is now a forgotten, malfunctioning, mindless force of destruction.

This isn’t just a good cartoon, this is great social commentary. It’s both painful and wicked funny! Some villagers are caught completely unaware before they’re blown to bits, while others are momentarily perplexed before toy-like bombs, covered in soulless smiles, explode in front of them.

 Opening 01

 Ending 01

Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

Presentation 8.65/10   Collection 9.12/10   Overall 8.70/10   Votes 65 votes
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