Riding Bean

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"Riding Bean" is a one shot OAV from 1989. Based on his comic/manga, and with the character designs of Kenichi Sonoda ("Gunsmith Cats", "Bubblegum Crisis", "Gall Force").

Bean Bandit is the world’s number one getaway driver. Sporting the coolest car on four wheels, (well maybe not as cool as the Mach 5, but close) Bean can leave any cop car in his dust. This time however, he’s been setup. Semmer, a ruthless female kidnapper, has made off with 2 million dollars, and framed Bean with child abduction. Bean, with the help of his female partner Rally, must avenge himself, while at the same time make a 2 million dollar profit.

If you’re going to steal car chase scenes, it’s best to steal the best. This cartoon has an animated version of the car chase from Friedkin’s "The French Connection". Despite one very strange, out of place, relationship between Semmer and her child partner, "Riding Bean" is fast paced fun.

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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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