Golgo 13, The Professional:

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"The Professional: Golgo 13" was released in 1983.

Duke Togo, codename: Golgo 13, is the world’s top assassin. He says nothing, he has no emotions, and he can kill any man alive. His latest victim was the son of the richest man on Earth, Leonard Dawson. To avenge the murder of his son, Dawson will pay any price, his daughter in-law ... even his Granddaughter. But nothing alive can kill Golgo 13.

This cartoon is male wish fulfillment and it’s great. The whole movie in a few lines: Duke kills someone, another person tells him he’s cool, and beautiful women sleep with him for no reason. The most imaginative part of this cartoon is how Golgo kills people. The limited animation and quick cutting become: style. Unfortunately, the limited animation has a negative effect on the love scenes. Golgo doesn’t move... at all. He’s just there, like a mannequin.

 Golgo 001

 Golgo 002

 Golgo 003

 Golgo 004
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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