M.D. Geist 2: Death Force

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"M.D. Geist 2: Death Force" was released in 1996. After a decade, thanks to some American money, Geist is back.

At the end of the first "Geist", Geist turns the Death Force on, and humanity is doomed. Now, fleeing from the Death Force machines, the remnants of mankind are left trying to eke out an existence by scavenging through the garbage left over from the Regular/Nexrum war. While the humans are in a living hell, Geist is having the time of his life, fighting an endless army of Death Force robots. But just when Geist thinks everything is going his way, Krauser shows up. Apparently, before Geist was made, the Regular army first created a prototype, M.D.S.01: Krauser.

Like Geist, Krauser isn’t human, but unlike Geist, Krauser is interested in power, more than he’s interested in fighting. Since no human has the strength to fight the Death Force, mankind accepts Krauser as its new leader. As Doctor Breston says, “You must look like a god to them.” This turn of events really pisses Geist off; Krauser isn’t a god, he’s a prototype for the perfect soldier, Geist. So, Geist sets out on a new mission: to kill the humans, and teach Krauser his place.

This cartoon is more gruesome than the first, but it’s done with more humor. As an example, before an unknown guy dies, he yells, “How horribly gross!” And before Geist kills Dr. Breston, Breston says “Wait Geist, I’m your friend!” Ohata also gets a little more creative handling the human deaths. In "Geist" one, Geist was limited to head crushing, now, he gets to rip a man’s face off with his teeth. I enjoyed the juvenile "I’m going to kick your butt" aspect of this cartoon, but a lot of the gore was way over the top.

 MD Geist II 01

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