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"MD Geist" was released in 1986. It’s the only anime I’ve seen that follows the "bad guy". Unlike other cartoons that use the basic D&D stock hero or Luke Skywalker reject as their protagonist, Geist uses an inhuman killing machine.

The story takes place in the future, when mankind has colonized other planets in far away galaxies. On one colonized planet, Jerra, a war is going on between the "Regular" army and the Nexrum army, to decide who will have control over the planet. In the early stages of the war, the "Regular" army created super human soldiers called bio-clones (living Terminators). Different from normal men, bio-clones, being human machines, have no sense of right, wrong, or pity; only the programmed skill and need to fight. This was thought to be the ideal soldier for the Regular army, however, there’s a serious flaw. Since they like to fight, they don’t want to stop fighting, and being programmed to be intelligent (I guess in order to learn and improve their fighting techniques), they don’t want the war to end. So the program was scrapped and their working model, Geist, was imprisoned in space.

Without their biological killing machines, the Regular army turns back to nuts and bolts, and creates a new weapon, "The Death Force". Unlike the bio-clones, who were proactive on the field, the Death Force is strictly a deterrent. When the Regular army’s main man is killed, hundreds of thousands of robots will cover Jerra and kill everything. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong for the Regular army. The Nexrum never find out about the Death Force, and the Regular army’s main man is killed. Since the war is basically over with the Regular army as the losers, the remaining shreds of the army must deactivate the Death Force before everyone on the planet is killed. At the same time, Geist’s prison has crashed back onto the planet. Now Geist must choose whom to help, and who’ll be a better opponent.

It’s ridiculous, but I sort of enjoy it. Geist does exactly what you would expect a killing machine to do, he goes around killing things. Other people on the planet try to talk to him and portray him as what they want him to be; but in the end, Geist is a machine of death. When US Manga Corps first released this, “Suitable for most audiences.”, was written on the back of the box, but "Geist" isn’t really suitable for anyone. To put it bluntly, Geist kicks ass.

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