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"Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos" was released in 1986.

Deep in space, there is a planet called Cronos. This planet is inhabited by living machines, instead of people. The robots on this planet lived an idyllic life, until the evil robot organization "Gandora" decided to attack. The head of Gandora is Gadess (strange name for a guy robot) and his goal is the Hyribead, a substance which will allow him to live forever.

The whereabouts of the Hyribead was hidden long ago, and the only clue to its location is a wolf crest. To protect the Hyribead, a young man/robot, Rom, was given the Wolf Sword. A weapon, but also a guide to help him find the Hyribead, and to track Gandora’s evil minions.

Even though the animation was limited, the character designs were great. The best part of the cartoon is the dialog, because it’s very odd. Before Rom attacks his catch line is, “You do not deserve to know my name.”, and in one episode he says, “You will not harm my cute little sister!” It’s a kids action cartoon, but parents might want to watch it with their kids, because some of the violence, while not bloody, is rather involved, and some of the language is a little strong.

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