Lupin the Third

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"Lupin the 3rd" is one of Japan’s longest running cartoon series. It started sometime in the ’70s and TV specials are still being made now. The first animated Lupin feature was "Mystery of Mamo", released in 1978.

Lupin is the greatest thief on earth, able to steal anything from anyone. Only problem is... nothing ever goes his way; and he usually winds up loosing whatever treasure he’s stolen. Lupin’s gang of friends are: Jigen, an American gangster who can somehow see through his hat; Goemon, a highly skilled samurai who’s supposed to be emotionless but seems to get a girl in a lot of the cartoons; and Fujiko, Lupin’s girlfriend, who always manipulates Lupin into doing whatever she wants. In every cartoon Lupin is pursued by Inspector Zenigata. Whatever Zenigata tries, it never works, and he winds up chasing Lupin in the next installment of the series.

It’s not surprising that "Lupin" is popular because, unlike many other anime, "Lupin" is fun. Great series. Out of the movies I’ve seen, my favorite one is "Mystery of Mamo". It doesn’t hold together as well as "Castle of Cagiliostro", but I really like the scene where Mamo dives into Lupin’s subconscious mind. Parents be warned. Although "Lupin" is a great cartoon, there is usually nudity and sexual innuendo.

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