Lodoss War, Record of

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"Record of Lodoss War" is a 13 episode OAV, which was released in 1990. Eight years later a TV series called "Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight" came out, and there's a related 1995-96 eight volume OAV/movie as well, "Legend of Crystania". The stories are based on a Japanese role-playing D&D clone.

The "Lodoss" OAV and the TV show follow the exploits of a small band of heroes led by a young man who lacks experience, but makes up for his shortcomings with guts and potential. In the OAV the man’s name is Parn, in the TV series there are two groups; one is led by Parn, and the other by Spark. The group of heroes is placed in the middle of a giant struggle between good and evil, and the stories follow all of Tolkien’s rules.

My favorite character is Ashram, the Black Knight. He’s basically the effeminate looking badass character found in many anime. He’s kind of girly looking, but he gets the evil elf babe. When he was brought back in the TV show, they made him more mellow, and he became a pseudo-hero. As an example: at the end of the OAV, when Ashram learns Wagnard is resurrecting the god of destruction, he says to Wagnard, “When did I tell you could do as you please?” and then draws his sword. In the TV show, Ashram decides he must protect his people, and leaves his kingdom without a fight in order to save lives. His TV show decision made more sense, but it wasn’t nearly as cool.

The OAV looked really good (character designs by Nobuteru Yuki), but nobody moved much, and a lot of battle footage was reused many times. The TV show didn’t look as good (except for the opening credits), but everyone moved a little better. Something that really freaked me out about this cartoon were the Elf ears. They’re huge. All the Elves in this series have ears that are about a foot long, and stick out of the sides of their heads. Otherwise a very enjoyable anime; especially if you’re a sword and sorcery nut.

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