Hades Project Zeorymer

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"Hades Project Zeorymer" was released in 1988.

In "Hades Project Zeorymer", like many other anime, a "normal" teenage High School student finds out he is really the pilot of a giant mechanized robot. What makes "Zeorymer" different from a lot of other robot flying High School student anime, are the consequences Masato Akitsu faces because he pilots the robot. Usually, it’s portrayed that flying robots isn’t all fun and games; but most of the hardships the pilots face in other cartoons are too ridiculous to be taken seriously, and a lot of times don’t even make any sense within the realm of suspended disbelief.

Although he’s lived the life of an ordinary High School student, Masato’s really the result of a cloning experiment. About 15 or 16 years ago (sorry, I forgot his age), Misaki Kihara, the man he was cloned from (and the man who created him) stole a giant robot from Hau Dragon (a Chinese corporation bent on world domination), for the Japanese government. Even though Kihara stole the machine from an evil company, this didn’t make him one of the good guys. No, he stole the machine, Zeorymer, because he had his own plan for world domination. Before Kihara could put his plan into action, he was betrayed by Japan and murdered. But he had an ace up his sleeve. No one can pilot Zeorymer but him and his clone, Masato. When Masato learns he is really the engineered pilot of the giant machine, Kihara’s memories begin to take control of him. Masato must fight both Hau Dragon and himself (as well as everyone else, because everyone in this cartoon is demented).

It’s a very interesting idea, to mix robots with the thought that when you grow up you become your parents. But this cartoon is juvenile and mean; teen angst taken to a new level. The government agents feel Masato isn’t tough enough, so they throw him in prison. While he’s in prison, he finds out that his parents were paid to raise him, and in that scene they calmly walk away while he screams for his mother. In the end, because everyone is being controlled by Kihara’s memories, the fighting becomes pointless, and the hero blows himself, and the head of the Hau Dragon, up in a huge explosion. The cartoon looks great. It’s dark and moody. But after awhile, it’s dang boring. "Zeorymer" has the "Evangelion" problem. Too many bad giant robot/monster fights.

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