Guy: Double Target

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"Guy: Awakening of the Devil" was released in 1990, and "Guy II: Second Target" was released in 1992. "Guy" was Created and Directed by Yorihisa Uchida, Character Designer for “Jushin Liger” and “Armored Police Metal Jack”, and the Mecha Animation Director on “Zeta Gundam” and “Gundam ZZ”. “Guy: Second Target’s” monsters were done by Yukihiro Makino (“Jushin Liger” Armor, and “Metal Jack” Mecha Designer) and Masami Obari (Director of “Gowcaizer”, “Detonator Organ”, “Platinumhugen Ordian”).

While traveling through space, Guy and his female sidekick Raina/Reila discover an abandoned spaceship. The ship is in perfect condition - except that there’s a giant flesh-eating monster on the bridge. After a short fight, it turns out that the monster used to be a scientist, Dr.Haze. Before Haze dies, he tells Guy to take his data and give it to Dr.Vail on Prison Planet Geo. For some reason Guy decides this might be profitable, so he and his sidekick go to Geo.

On Geo, prison warden Heel passes the time with a little sadomasochistic sex. When Guy and Raina arrive, they learn that Haze’s data concerns the makeup of the planet. Apparently the planet is alive and has a tendency to change humans into monsters. After a gun fight, the planet gets ticked off, and decides to turn all the current inhabitants into inhuman creatures. While most of the inmates are turned into ugly powerless things, Guy becomes a super cool, all-powerful monster, which has the ability to change back into his human form. In the end, Guy kills Heel and escapes from the planet with Raina, who isn’t affected by the monster-changing planet.

The adventure continues in the second volume, as Guy and Raina return with a new get rich quick scheme. The duo head to the planet Frezon (I guess their main export is car A/C) with a plan to steal a giant statue of gold, The Golden Goddess, from the planet’s church. Little do they realize the religion’s main acolytes, Noima and Arcana, have their own plans to awaken the sleeping monster within the statue and use its power to conquer the galaxy. Guy and Raina inadvertently find themselves in a fight to end this nefarious scheme of galactic conquest, and wind up saving the universe.

The plots are dumb and don’t make any sense, but they’re perfect for this kind of anime. "Guy" belongs to the sub-genre of anime known as Hentai. What is Hentai? It’s what some geeks wish naked women would look like, in very compromising situations. Anyway, I don’t care, because in a very juvenile way, Guy is great. He’s cool, calm, a little cocky; and even when he’s not a monster, nothing fazes him. "Guy" is pure male (Not For Kids) geek escapism.

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