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"Voltage Fighter: Gowcaizer" was released in 1997. It’s a two volume OAV based on a videogame. Directed, Storyboarded, and with unmistakable Character Designs by, Masami Obari ("Fatal Fury", "Virus", "Platinum Hugen Ordian").

At the end of the 20th century, Japan was/will be destroyed by a giant earthquake. But what were the events that led to Japan’s destruction? Was it just a natural phenomenon?

Japan was really destroyed when super martial artist Ohga merged himself with the ultimate power in the universe: depression and self-destructive thoughts. Ohga, now endowed with super human powers, has become self-destructive. The power he merged himself with wants to do nothing less than DESTROY THE WORLD. To stop himself, he creates the Kaizer stones, made from his own blood. These stones can turn chosen humans/teenagers into powerful warriors. Ohga, who decides to change his name to Ozaki, opens a Japanese high school in an attempt to pick out a warrior who, with the aid of the Kaizer stone, will be able to defeat him.

The plot/theme wasn’t too bad, man vs. his own destructive nature. Its problem (or maybe strength, depending on how you look at it) is it digresses from the plot into formulaic fights and giant bouncing breasts. I like it, but I think the major reason why it’s not enjoyed by more fans is because it’s somewhere in-between being Hentai and being Non-Hentai. A Hentai fan would probably want more, and a normal person would probably want less.

 Gowcaizer 01

 Gowcaizer 02

 Gowcaizer 03

 Gowcaizer 04
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