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"Genocyber" was released in 1993 as a 5 part OAV series. It’s the first anime to have been released in the US before it was released in Japan. I haven’t seen it in a while, so I forgot a lot of the characters’ names.

In the near future there will be no wars between countries. Instead, all the world’s armies will be owned by companies and there will only be cooperate wars. The number one company is the Kyuryu Group. The company uses its vast wealth to invest in both mechanical weapons, like guns and missiles, and the human mind, "Vajia" (psychic powers).

In this world of power mad companies, a young scientist creates an invention to enter a person’s unconscious mind. The first passenger on this machine is his own wife, as part of a scientific experiment to impregnate her with the child of his own mind, a super human created by his mere thoughts. Unfortunately, he’s sold out by his assistant, and is murdered by the Kyuryu Group. But his experiment is a success, and his wife becomes pregnant.

The scientist’s wife later gives birth to twin girls, Elaine and Diane. The two are really one; one can’t operate her limbs, and the other has the mind of an animal. Since they’re part of their father’s mad experiment, they have super psychic powers. The father’s old assistant, who works for the Kyuryu Group, figures that he can create the ultimate weapon for himself, if he rebuilds their father’s machine, and combines the twins. So the mother is killed and he adopts the twins.

15 years later in Hong Kong, the twin’s father’s assistant manages to rebuild the machine. Elaine (animal girl) gets wise to his plan and runs away. The Kyuryu see this as their opportunity to send agents to find the girl, and find out what they’ve sunk their money into for the last 15 years. The twins’ adoptive father sends Diane (who now has a cyborg body) to recover Elaine. Unlike Elaine, Diane has no clue her adoptive father is really the man who killed her biological one, and sees Elaine as a rival for their adoptive father’s attention. Diane kills Elaine; but because Elaine has "Vajia", instead of her dying, they merge. Although Elaine has the mind of an animal, she is able to contain Diane in her mind and take over Diane's cyborg body. Now complete, Elaine’s "Vajia" is even stronger, and when ticked off transforms into an unreasoning monster that blows up Hong Kong.

"Genocyber" is the most gruesome anime I’ve seen. Director Koichi Ohata outdoes himself. This cartoon has people ripping their own heads open, throwing up their internal organs, and exploding. The line that sums up this cartoon is, “Move and we’ll turn you into Corned Beef.” It also has a ridiculously complicated back-story. The animation isn’t bad, and the overall look of the Genocyber itself reminds me of a meaner looking Guyver.

 Genocyber 01

 Genocyber 02

 Genocyber 03

 Genocyber 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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