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"Garaga" was released in 1989.

An android named Alf Dolf feels that machines are superior to mankind. He decides that it’s time for all living creatures to die and for machines to take over. The first planet on his hit list is, Garaga.

To take over the planet he needs to wipe out the existing inhabitants’ armies. These armies would be: the super psychic "Lars", and the human engineered ape-men, the "Oomalogians" (probably spelled wrong). To achieve his goal, Alf plans on using a military satellite, with a laser cannon. His only obstacle is, he doesn’t have the codes to activate the satellite. So he comes up with a plan. He’ll kidnap his superior officer’s daughter, and then blackmail the officer for the codes. What Alf doesn’t know is that Earth knows he’s planning something.

Jay M. Jay is sent under cover aboard the Spaceship XeBeC to uncover Alf’s plan, and stop him at all costs.

The animation isn’t bad and I like the look. I think this anime has a lot of bad reviews because, if you’ve never heard of this anime before and you read the back of the box, you would be expecting an entirely different cartoon. The synopsis sounds like a survival movie; and if you’re expecting a survival movie you’d be very disappointed.

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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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