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"Gaiking" is a Japanese TV series which aired in 1976. It was an originally uncredited creation of the legendary Go Nagai. It was later dubbed into English and released as part of "Force Five", a weekday cartoon show made up of five different Japanese cartoons. Unlike "Robotech", "Force Five" kept each series separate; each with its own storyline. When "Force Five" ceased to exist, it was released again under the title, "RoboFormers". I have never seen the Japanese original, and I don't know if there are differences between the original, "Force Five", and "RoboFormers".

Deep in space a planet named Zela was destroyed by a black hole. The planet's survivors decided that the only way they could continue to survive was to find a new planet. After searching the cosmos, their Supreme Leader, Darius, decided that they should attack and take Earth. To combat this threat, Earth's greatest scientist, Professor High Tech, builds a giant robot: Gaiking.

My favorite "Force Five" cartoon is "Spaceketeers/Starzingers"; but I really enjoy this cartoon, too. The stilted animation and odd dubbing make this cartoon cheezy fun, similar to a Godzilla movie.

 Gaiking 01

 Gaiking 02

 Gaiking 03

 Gaiking 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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