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"Eat-Man" was released in 1997 and "Eat-Man ’98" was released (not surprisingly) in 1998.

I can’t really explain "Eat-Man" because if I did, you might not want to see it. I could go over the basic plot of a few of the episodes, but you might decide not to watch it because they sound strange, or too similar to other anime. You might miss the point. A lot of the series is interesting, but the best part of the cartoon is the character Bolt Crank, and his oddball sense of humor.

My favorite scene in the series is when he comes back from the dead and he’s asked; "How did it feel to be dead?"
One word response, “Wonderful.”
Followed by, "How do you feel now?"
I love it.

"Eat-Man ’98", I hate it. I don’t care that the manga’s creator had more input on this series, Bolt was ruined. The episodes looked better, but they were long, boring, and worst of all, the oddball sense of humor was gone. If you have to watch this series get “MegaMix”; it’s the best one, but still nowhere near the original.

 Eat-Man 01

 Eat-Man 02

 Eat-Man 03

 Eat-Man 04
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