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"Dragon Ball" first appeared on TV in 1986, but is based on an Akira Toriyama comic book that came out sometime in the early ’80s. The whole DB to DBGT series lasted over a decade and I haven’t seen all of it, so I’m going to be very brief.

In "Dragon Ball", naïve monkey boy Goku teams up with a young woman named Bulma to search for Dragon Balls. Dragon Balls are small numbered gold balls which if brought together summon a Dragon god named Shin Lon. Whenever Shin Lon appears he grants the owner of the balls one wish, and since Shin Lon is omnipotent, you can get whatever you want. The allure of getting anything entices all varieties of freaks, oddballs, and monsters. Goku and Bulma overcome a huge variety of whacked out characters, while at the same time making new friends and acquaintances, in their quest to make Bulma’s wish (the perfect boyfriend) come true. "Dragon Ball" contains some naughty humor (which was almost entirely cut out of the American release) but it’s basically cute and fun. The beginning and the best part of the whole "Dragon Ball" universe.

"Dragon Ball Z" follows adult Goku, who turns out to be an alien. To protect the earth from his own people, other aliens, robots from the future, and others, Goku trains and becomes: the Most Powerful Man in the Universe. It’s a very uneven series, sometimes cute and funny, other times mean and sadistic. The thing I dislike most about DBZ is the amount of useless talking, the long episodes where nothing happens but talk, and it's not interesting talk, or funny talk, it’s: “I’m more powerful than you are” garbage. I know Goku was always trying to become stronger, but it wasn’t necessary to mention it before every fight. Another problem is, once the fighting begins, it goes on too long and becomes repetitive. In short, DBZ has many interesting moments and fights, but through most of it I wanted to press the fast forward button.

I haven’t seen "Dragon Ball GT". I want to, but I don’t have cable, my local rental store doesn’t have it, and the money I’d have to spend on buying the DVDs I could use buying more cels. At some point it’ll either appear at my rental store or I’ll change my mind and buy it. But that time hasn’t come yet.

 DB 001

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