Dirty Pair: Project Eden

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"Dirty Pair: Project Eden" was released in 1987. It features my all-time favorite anime opening credits sequence, a Pop Art, psychedelic, tour de force, reminiscent of those in the classic 1960s-70s James Bond Movies. A few cels from it are shown here.

Kei and Yuri are the WWWA’s (World, Welfare & Works Agency) Dirty Pair, two private investigators for hire. When they are on the job, although the mystery behind whatever trouble there is is usually uncovered, whole planets often get destroyed in the process.

In "Project Eden" the team is investigating attacks on futuristic mining instillations. In the future, interstellar ships are powered by a mined material known as Vizorium. The two largest mining operators are: the Edians (Americans) whose mines are privately owned, and the Uldasians (Russians) whose mines are state run. Monsters are attacking the Uldasian mines, and naturally the Uldasians are blaming the Edians. To prevent any further misunderstandings, the Edians hire the WWWA to resolve the problem.

The monsters turn out to be a pet project of Dr. Wattsman, a mad scientist obsessed with the idea that Vizorium is really a new species of life. Wattsman (with a lot of techno mumbo jumbo) is trying to “awaken” this race. Unfortunately, all he’s able to do is create Vizorium hungry monsters, which he uses to gather more Vizorium to continue his experiments. It’s up to the Dirty Pair to stop Wattsman.

This was the first Dirty Pair cartoon I bought and it’s still the best. I don’t know if it was the Streamline Dub, but it’s a lot more fun than any other cartoon in the series. What was really great about this was that, even though horrible things were happening, they weren’t exactly the DP’s fault. It was more like horrible bad luck. Other available DP include: "Affair Nolandia", the "DP" OAV, "Flight 005 Conspiracy" and "DP Flash".

 Dirty Pair 05

 Dirty Pair 06

 Dirty Pair 07

 Dirty Pair 08
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