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"Devil Lady" or "Devilman Lady" was released in 1998.

Jun, a quiet, shy, busty supermodel is brought into the world of demons by tough broad Lan Asuka. At first Jun tries to convince herself that she doesn’t want any part of being able to transform into an all powerful demon, but as the story unfolds she must fight against her own desires to indulge herself in tearing things apart and sadomasochistic lesbian demon sex.

This cartoon is amazingly stupid, but it does have something for everyone. For girls it has women who kick ass, you know, “I am woman hear me roar” (literally), and for guys it has really cool looking monsters, ultra violence, and sadomasochistic lesbian demon sex.

The thing that really bugged me about this show was that it didn’t stay true to itself. In the beginning the demons are people who have allowed their desires to control them. In one episode the cartoon even shows that the real monster isn’t just the demon but the woman who controls the demon. She feeds him schoolgirls for her own sadomasochistic pleasures. You know, the cliché, "we are all inhuman monsters" crap. Kinda like the “Guyver”, only with violent sex.

During the conclusion of the series, for no apparent reason, the definition of what the demons are changes. Instead of people who have become inhuman because of their own desires, the demons are just nice everyday folks who look strange. There’s even a group of cute little half-demon girls.

There is an “Einhorn is Finkle; Finkle is Einhorn; Einhorn’s a man!” (or maybe hermaphrodite) moment and, I’m not exactly sure why, but somehow, the United States becomes part of the story. In the end the US president shoots himself in the head, which then strangely leads to the Japanese accepting demons as people.

All I can say is, this cartoon has violence and sadomasochistic lesbian demon sex. If you’re searching for a not too graphic cartoon, with violence and sadomasochistic lesbian demon sex, this is the cartoon for you.

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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