Demon City Shinjuku

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"Demon City Shinjuku" or "Makaitoshi Shinjuku" was released in 1988.

Use the Nempo, Luke! "Demon City" has the same underlying theme as "Star Wars" (’cept in this the villain really did kill his father). A young man, who is unsure of his abilities but possesses “the power which flows between all living things”, fights against the forces of evil. The interesting thing is, unlike the American Luke Skywalker who is earnest and naïve, the Japanese Kyoya is street smart and cocky. Also unlike the bitchy princess Leia, Sayaka is a sweet kindhearted wuss.

Even though the plot and characters are stock, the look (like almost all of Kawajiri’s cartoons) is cool. "Demon City" has dark moody backgrounds and ultra violent action.

 Demon City 01

 Demon City 02

 Demon City 03

 Demon City 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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