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"Dangaio" was released in 1987 as a 3 part OAV series.

The main heroine of the story was Mia Alice, but the cartoon also goes into the histories of the three other pilots. The team was put together by Tarsan, a genius doctor who works for the evil Garimos. Dangaio was made to be the ultimate weapon in Garmos’ fleet of evil robots. Although the pasts of the four young pilots were erased, they still remember pieces of their lost memories, and instead of fighting with Garimos, they choose to fight against Garimos. Fearing Dangaio’s great power, Garimos sends the evil Gil-Berg to destroy the machine. Gil-Berg holds a grudge against the Dangaio team because Mia refused his advances. In the most memorable scene in the OAV, Gil-Berg proves his loyalty by ripping his own eyeball out of his head and smashing it in the palm of his hand.

It’s been about 8 years since I rented the OAV, released by US Renditions. I’m going to have to buy this because the only parts of the OAV that I can really remember are: it looked cool, Gil-Berg ripped his eyeball out of his head, Mia was perpetually freaked out, and one of Dangaio’s attacks had the same name as Terry Bogart’s from "Fatal Fury". Also if anyone wants to add to their collection of useless facts, some of the people who worked on this cartoon also worked on: "Iczer", "Macross Plus", "Fatal Fury", "Gowcaizer", "Virus", "MD Geist", "Genocyber", and "Cybernetics Guardian".

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