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"Cyber City" was released in 1990.

The streets of futuristic Japan aren’t patrolled by the police. Instead, life-sentenced criminals are given a chance to redeem themselves. For every criminal they turn in, part of their sentence will be suspended, until they are free. Three of these criminals are: Benten, Goggles, and Sengoku. To keep these criminals in check, fastened around their necks are metal collars, which explode after a given period of time if an assignment isn't completed.

Each volume of "Cyber City" pays closer attention to, and gives a back-story of, one character. My favorite one is volume two, which follows Goggles. I liked the interaction between Goggles and his lady friend when he finds out she betrayed him. The other plots are similar to most Saturday morning cartoons. All three volumes contain final fight scenes where the main characters take a ridiculous amount of physical punishment but somehow wind up saving the day. This cartoon is extremely violent and, in the English dubbed version, very profane.

"Cyber City" is a Saturday Morning Cartoon with the violence, gore, and profanity turned up a couple of notches. It’s tailor made for juvenile boys and it’s fun, if you don’t take it too seriously.

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