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Released in 1988, "Crying Freeman" is an animated version of a well-liked manga.

After inadvertently discovering evidence of a mafia hit, Japanese artist Yo Hinomura is kidnapped by the Chinese mafia (the 108 Dragons). Instead of killing him the 108 Dragons transform him into the ultimate assassin, code name: Crying Freeman (Freeman because he wants to be free and crying because he cries for those he kills). While in the middle of a job, Freeman is seen by a Japanese woman, Emu Hino. To protect his identity Freeman is sent to kill her but instead they fall in love. As his friend, Ko, puts it, "This woman is good for Freeman." The series goes on, Freeman becomes head of the 108 Dragons, and fights against rival mafias and syndicates.

Basically, Freeman sleeps with every woman he runs into. Freeman has that fictional James Bond ability, for no apparent reason every woman wants him. As the series goes on Freeman meets more women and the animation becomes less and less fluid. The story is really stupid but, to put it simply, Freeman is cool.

 Freeman 01

 Freeman 02

 Freeman 03

 Freeman 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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