Casshan: Robot Hunter

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Released in 1993, "Casshan: Robot Hunter"*, is a 4 part OAV re-telling of the older, 1970s anime "New Type Human, Casshan".

A young man must become Casshan, a humanoid machine, in order to save mankind from a machine his father built. Casshan’s father had created an android called, BK-1, in order to protect the Earth’s environment. The machine decided that the best course of action to complete its task was to wipe out mankind. BK-1 changed its name to Black King and covered the planet with robot armies. To restore his family’s honor, Casshan must defeat BK-1 and return the planet to mankind.

"Casshan" is an enjoyable anime, made by the same studio who brought us "Tekkaman / Teknoman". Maybe it’s because it brought back horrible memories of "Captain Planet", but I liked "Casshan" more before it made BK-1 eco-crazed.

*Thankfully, the studio thoughtfully put the "Casshan" Romanization on everything referring to this OVA, sparing English speakers everywhere from having to look at "ern" and pronounce it "ahn".

 Casshan 01

 Casshan 02

 Casshan 03

 Casshan 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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