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"Bubblegum Crisis" was released in 1988. The story was continued in a second OVA series, "Bubblegum Crash", in 1991; and remade into a TV show, "Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040", at the end of the ’90s. It’s been 4 or 5 years since I rented "Bubblegum Crisis", so if I screw up on any plot points forgive me.

In the future, machines called boomers will handle all manual labor and military conflicts. Although this frees mankind from unskilled tasks and saves lives, it also gives the company who created the machines, Genom, almost unlimited power. Power and pride corrupts the heart of Genom, powerful businessmen use their war machines to attack their competition, shoddily made Boomers go crazy, and disgruntled employees have access to military weaponry. To combat these problems, Mega-Tokyo sets up a special police force, the AD Police. Unfortunately the AD Police are inept and aren’t prepared to take on Genom, so a group of rogue women crime fighters with a grudge against the company keep the streets of Mega-Tokyo safe.

The plot is similar to "Patlabor" but the tone is darker, and the look a little slicker. The thing that I enjoyed most about the original series was that the boomers went nuts because of people and their emotions. I haven’t seen all of "2040", but from what I have seen the only decent episode was the first one on tape 3 (the undersea boomer made to survive harsh conditions). I also hate the new look; the machines aren’t as detailed, the characters don’t look as cool, and even though the characters move more fluidly, they noticeably change shape as they move.

 Bubblegum Crisis 01

 Bubblegum Crisis 02

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