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Released in 1992.

"Bastard" takes place in the future. The world was destroyed by Anthrathax, the almighty god of destruction, and has been reborn as D & D land.

15 years prior to the beginning of the series, a jackass evil wizard, Dark Schneider, sought to conquer the world in an attempt to prove his strength; but he was defeated and trapped in the body of a young boy, Luche. Now an evil wizard, Abigail, for some reason decides that D & D world needs to be destroyed, and sets out on a mission to bring back the god of destruction for a repeat performance; with the help of Schneider’s old minions. Opposing his evil plan is a reformed, not so evil, evil wizard, Dark Schneider, his girlfriend (Yoko), and his reformed misfit friends (Gaara, and Arches Nei).

 Bastard 01

 Bastard 02

 Bastard 03

 Bastard 04
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