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These cels are from the one shot OVA, released in 1988, based on the manga by Masamune Shirow.

"AppleSeed" is set after WW3 in the post-apocalyptic world of the future. The planet is a barren, desert wasteland except for a single city, Olympus. Although the city was made to help those who had survived the war adapt to a peaceful existence, Olympus is no longer a city run by humans; instead it’s run by humanoid machines who control all of the major government offices, as well as make up most of the population. One of the survivors from the outside, Carron, realizes that although he is able to work and live comfortably in this techno Garden of Eden, he has no freedom. The machines control the city and he is the equivalent of a caged pet. Nothing in Olympus is private; his own memories can be scanned and examined by the machines. Carron decides the only way to free mankind is to launch a terrorist war against the city. But mankind doesn’t want to be saved. Instead other WW3 survivors, police officers Dunan and Briareos /Buliarous, are assigned to track down and eliminate him and his cohorts.

"Appleseed" and "Black Magic M-66" are my two favorite Masamune Shirow anime. It’s any other incarnation of this sci-fi fantasy Dunan and Briareos would be the bad guys, but in "AppleSeed", they’re the heroes. Their live action movie equivalents would be the Sandmen from "Logan’s Run" or the Agents from "The Matrix".

 AppleSeed 01

 AppleSeed 02

 AppleSeed 03

 AppleSeed 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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