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"AD Police: The Mad Criminal Investigation File of Tokyo Advanced Police"
(or just "AD Police") is a 3-volume OVA from 1990.

Welcome to Tokyo 2027AD, a slum, surviving on the trash leftover from its onetime greatness. Boomers, humanoid robots designed to free mankind from all forms of labor, are now more prized than the humans who created them. When these bio-engineered ’bots go bad, the citizens of Tokyo are "protected" by a police force like no other. Tough, armed to the teeth, and trigger happy, these badass men and women will demolish anything that gets between them and the boomers they’re assigned to terminate.

File-1: Phantom Woman
Rookie Police Officer, Leon McNichol, joins the AD Police after being involved in a violent incident with a prostitute boomer gone homicidal due to too much bad sex (as the boomer says, "I kill men that can’t satisfy me!").

On his first assignment with the AD Police, he watches as another female boomer blasts apart one of his team members, Alus, and he meets his partner, Jeena. Before Jeena can contemplate Alus’ demise, she has to jump Leon’s bones, because after seeing Alus shot to pieces, and then tearing into the female boomer with her bare hands, she’s just too turned-on to control herself ("This happens whenever I see blood. I get to wanting a man so bad I can’t stand it.").

Alus’ life insurance won’t pay his family; alleging that he rigged the boomer and then committed suicide by ’bot. To clear Alus’ name, Jeena and Leon investigate illegally recycled sex boomers that turn killer after reaching orgasm. While they are checking leads, they’re followed by Ms. "I-kill-men-that-can’t-satisfy-me". She has been illegally recycled, and now seeks to recreate the most sexually fulfilling moment in her past existence, being shot multiple times by Leon. And, if he can’t satisfy her needs, she’ll rip his head off... literally.

File-2: The Ripper
Businesswoman Carolyn Evers has made herself the ultimate career woman by replacing all her sex organs with cybernetics. Thanks to futuristic technology, she has no "time of the month" and can provide better sex than any normal woman. Unfortunately there are drawbacks, her husband picks up prostitutes to get the natural stuff, and she has her own strange urges, urges that can only be satisfied by gutting 14-year-old prostitutes.

Policewoman Iris Kara investigates the Prostitute Murders, and finds herself becoming attracted to Mrs. Evers. With her cybernetic implants, is Carolyn still really human? And how will Iris sort out her obsession with Carolyn? It’s all worked out in a self-mutilating group sex scene between Carolyn and a train car full of junkies, prostitutes, and drug dealers. As Jeena puts it, "She died as a woman."

File-3: The Man Who Bites His Tongue
Female cybernetics genius, Yoko Takagi, has resurrected killed-in-action AD Police Officer, Billy Fanword, as a humanoid, man-machine, super cop. By day Billy mangles boomers gone bad; by night he’s the doctor’s self made sex toy.

The transition from man to machine has left Billy with only one piece of flesh to feel sensory stimulation, his tongue. While being constantly barraged with visual stimulation, the only stimulation Billy can feel is through mind altering drugs he injects through his tongue, which give him hallucinations of his brain oozing out of his head. How long can Billy last as Yoko’s plaything? Jeena, his ex-girlfriend’s take on it, "Billy was a two-time loser."

While design and plot elements are similar to many movies ("RoboCop", "Basic Instinct", etc.), "AD Police" is like nothing else, prequel to "Bubble Gum Crisis" only in some character names and settings. The OVAs are like the wet dreams of an ultra-violent, sadomasochistic psychopath. The show is a triumph of macho, misogynistic mania, with the inhumanity of society tacked on for show at the end. It plays out seemingly unaware of its own insulting nature, giving this sleaze a power and energy unseen in most other Anime. The slick, detailed look, and professional sounding 1980s Pop-Rock soundtrack, also make it seem as if this was a labor of love. A sick auteur-ish creation that made me gag, like no other Anime before or since, but is super awesome looking. I can’t recommend this Anime... but watching it is an experience.

 AD Police 01

 AD Police 02

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 AD Police 04
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