8-Man After

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Released in 1993, "8-Man After" is a sequel to an earlier series, “8-Man”.

In "8-Man After", the original 8-Man is gone, and the Japan of the future is a gang-infested mess. While investigating a new Mayoral candidate, Detective Hazama (a Sam Spade clone) is murdered, but he’s brought back as a super human machine (ala "Robocop") known as the 8-Man. Now Hazama must clean up the streets by taking care of the crime bosses of the future: Mr. Halloween and Tony Gleck.

I like it. It had a cool techno sound track. The only thing that annoyed me was that, from episode to episode, the characters kept mentioning the death of Hazama’s "fiancée"; but sometimes, she would be his "sister". It didn’t matter. It was stock, motivational female death. But they should have decided if it was either his sister or his fiancée. It was crazy hearing some characters say; “The death of his sister”, and then an episode later saying; “The death of his fiancée”.

 8-Man 01

 8-Man 02

 8-Man 03

 8-Man 04
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